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Running Doubling Time

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  • Click into the graph to scroll and zoom (although changing the selected data sets is better).
  • Right-click or long-press on a country to [de]select all the regions therein.
  • Right-click on a World country grouping to [de]select the member countries.


Data is sourced from the John Hopkins time-series data on GitHub.

Because the John Hopkins data is only updated after the end of each day, interim non-authoritative data is also included for the current day and may be viewed by turning on the "Include latest non-authoritative data" checkbox. These values will increase over the course of the day and may be misleading. Use with caution.

The non-authoritative data was last updated at March 28, 2020, 21:34 GMT

The members of country groupings, such as "EU" can be found here.